Katherine Napier

01 July 2020
2 days ago
These cakes are just absolutely amazing!! So beautiful, so smooth, and so so so well made! Some of the best cakes in the area. Recommended to everyone!

Jacob Latham

26 June 2020
7 days ago
These cakes are amazing and beautifully hand made by an awesome person! Please people buy and try these cakes!

Barry Terry

06 January 2020
6 months ago
Moist and delicious!

Debby Johnson Beckner

04 December 2019
7 months ago
I highly recommend Brick Block Cakes and More for all of your bakery, receptions, snacks. The cakes are so delicious, moist and wonderful. A fea...
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Paul Mendiola

23 June 2019
a year ago
The products from this baker are amazing. I love the chocolate chip cookies, and the strawberry/banana bread, all baked from fresh ingredients. I also just trie...
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